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How We Care About You

Process Mapping

  • Spending some time together
  • Getting to know each other
  • Discovering how you work and what makes you unique
  • Preparing a product backlog
  • Identifying weak spots in your current processes
  • Demonstrating how the technology can be used


  • Proposing applicable solutions for process digitization
  • Developing IT governance strategy
  • Simplification of access to information and navigation through processes
  • Planning and budgeting for business application implementations

Integration & Automation

  • Starting small with minimum viable product and proof of concept
  • Deploying ready-made applications and features (templates)
  • Centralizing processes and business rules implementation
  • Integrating key data sources regardless of interface


  • Gradually adopting features with a dedicated experience team
  • Expanding the product backlog
  • Implementing new features
  • User assistance and training
  • Keeping the solution up to date with business
  • Preparing dashboards with key indicators for real time reporting and decision making

Replace spreadsheets
with easy-to-use apps.

Get better insight
to make better decisions.

Focus on what's important
thanks to automation
of your routine work!

Business Apps • Integration • Intelligence

Manage your team with a single tool!

Start quickly and cheap with a small solution
and grow it later when you are ready.

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We have started in the Czech Republic but English and Polish localization is coming this fall.

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